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Drehscheibe 017 / 018

DJ Manga is back with “Sun, Moon, Stars” on Drehscheibe 017. This one contains 3 mixes, including a remix by Eniac and was an original EDM Progressive-Release back in 1999. On Drehscheibe 018 Michael Gerlach and Florian Preis aka Sunbeam teamed up with Gregor Tresher for their project Pete Plastic to create this original Drehscheibe release in 2003. “Electro Movement” is a real club bomb which comes in 3 versions.

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EDM 090 / EDM 091

DJ Mellow-D and Denis, brother of Cocooma-mastermind Atilla, teamed up to bring you their debut of Sunset on EDM 090. “Lost you” and “The voice of power” are two melodic trance tracks which have been released on EDM Trance in 1998 formerly… EDM welcomes DITO! “Shadows” was one of their biggest hits and has been released on EDM 091 in 8 different mixes including remixes by Tandu and Steinberg & Mason. This one is a trance masterpiece of first grade!

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Drehscheibe 015 / 016

And again a new side project by Meteor Seven mastermind Jens Ebert: Hardgas comes up with it´s debut “Confusion” and “Ocean of joy” on Drehscheibe 015. This one has never been released before but is a real slammer at all… Testpressing comes up with their debut on Drehscheibe 016 called “Keep the vibe alive”. This one got 2 versions: the Klubb Mix in the typical dutch Progressive House-style of the late 90´s and the Chapter 2-Mix in a harder, more techy style.

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EDM 088 / EDM 089

Genlog are back with their second single on EDM 088 called “Airwalk”. This one is without a doubt one of the greatest rave-hymns of all times and comes with additional remixes by Microwave Prince, Suspicious and Low Spirit-mastermind Klaus Jankuhn. On EDM 089 Deemind a.k.a. Club Disciples come up with their second single called “Witness” & “Element of fun”. This has been originally released on EDM Trance in 1999…

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Drehscheibe 013 / 014

Dick van Nille did it again on Drehscheibe 013! This 3-tracker contains “Get it on” & “Reasons”, which were featured on the compilation “Technodrome” in 2002. But the spot is on “Originate”, a previously unreleased track which kicks ass big time! Check this out! On Drehscheibe 014 Meteor Seven comes up with his smasher “Universal Music” with additional remixes by DJ Scot Project, Dumonde, Paul Janes and Jay B. …

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EDM 086 / EDM 087

These are, without a doubt, two of the greatest anthems of Hardtrance-History by the godfather of Hardtrance – Gary D. … “Kinetic Pressure” & “Overload” are out now completely remastered in a special digital edition including a new Short Edit on EDM 086. Available at the download store of your choice. On EDM 087 Mario de Bellis presents his single “City Lights”, including remixes by Gary D. and Tandu.

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Drehscheibe 011 / 012

Plug ‘n’ Play do it again with their second release on Drehscheibe 011 called “Work it out” & “The Best”. This one has been released on Plutonic Recordings in 1996 formerly. Now for the first time in a digital package and as always exclusively in a remastered edition. On Drehscheibe 012 Art Bizarre will show us with their debut “How to lick”. This one comes with an additional remix by Hitch-Hiker & Dumondt and the second track “Attraction”. Check it out…

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EDM 084 / EDM 085

Sanity is back with the second single on EDM 084. “Welcome to the future” has been the anthem for the Freedom Parade in Estonia in 2004 and comes with an additional DJ Mellow-D vs. Ravelab Remix. Check this out! On EDM 085 it´s time for some fresh stuff from 2003: Sunics are coming up with their debut on EDM 085 called “(Feel it) Now”. This killer is the complete digital edition – as always remastered…

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