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DJ Mellow-D was born in 1972 as a son of a fanatic record collector and inevitably the foundation-stone for his future career was laid in his early childhood: The little boy copied from his dad. Countless evenings dad and son were sitting together and were listening almost daily to the new black discs which dad had bought during the day. Soon Mellow-D bought two own record-players and a mixer and started to mix records, something his father had never been able to do. Mellow-D had always known to put himself in the limelight: Just beeing 17 he managed to get a job as DJ for the supporting programme in a disco of his hometwon. On the side he came into contact with the electronic music scene in Hamburg and then on tried to build the new sounds into his sets. Quickly he became local Techno grouping’s “darling”. The first “Hard-Trance X-Plosion” was released, a mix compilation which made a great hit followed by new editions at regular intervals. That was how Gary D. Hamburg’s grandmaster of Hardtrance heard of him, they got into conversation and spontaneously Gary D. released one track on EDM Records. Consequently Mellow got the opportunity to perform in his favourite club “Devil Mania” together with Gary D.. Initially only monthly he started supporting him weekly until he was discovered by EFX-Club’s management and made into resident DJ there. Soon there were booking inquiries from the whole of northern Germany later from the rest of the nation and from abroad as well. In 1997 Mellow-D and some friends took over EDM Records, the Label that had become well-known for different compilations and Mellow turned out to be really successful with his own productions. His biggest success was his project “Mellow Trax” with over 700.000 sold copies worldwide.


Agency: EDM Booking

Email: booking@edm-records.com

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Nationality: Germany