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Drehscheibe 009 / 010

More Acid is coming up on Drehscheibe 009. J.E.Pro#1 is a side project of Jens Ebert (Meteor Seven) – this two-tracker features “Machine” and “A-Code”, two acid bombs of first grade. Check out this digitally remastered edition! On Drehscheibe 010 Mellow Trax is coming up with his second release “Mystery in Space”. This one is a real slammer too and contains massive remixes by DJ Jam-X & DeLeon aka Dumonde, Pulsedriver and Novaya. Now – as always – in a digitally remastered edition!

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EDM 082 / EDM 083

Hamburg based Hard-Trance-Heroes Cocooma strike back. The long awaited track “Blaues Wunder” in the typical Cocooma-style comes in 2 mixes, now digitally remastered on EDM 082. On EDM 083 comes up a real Hardtrance-evergreen: The Paragod & DJ Yanny teamed up to create “Initialize” in 1997 for Fog Area Rec. – now it´s back with several brilliant remixes by Cocooma, Gary D. & Dr. Z, DJ Framic and (!) a brand new one by DJ Analyzer! Now digitally remastered exclusively on EDM.

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Drehscheibe 007 / 008

M-A-B present their debut on Drehscheibe with the 1998 release on EDM Progressive “Feel it / The Rhythm”. This is a trancy touched progressive techno tune – now digitally remastered on Drehscheibe 007. On Drehscheibe 008 we present DJ Manga with his tune “Free”. This one comes in 3 mixes including remixes by munich heroes DJ Tomcraft and DJ Housepunk.

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EDM 080 / EDM 081

Our compilation “Hard-Trance X-Plosion” was always something special and an indicator for the spirit of Hard-Trance back in the days. In 1999 DJ Mellow-D released a track under his alias Crystal Hammer called “Heaven” on Hard-Trance X-Plosion, Vol. 13 which has been sought-after, but never been released on Vinyl or CD. Now we got that one digitally remastered on EDM 080 – yeah! On EDM 081 DJ Manga presents his Wicked Maniacs. “Turn the Key” & “Control your Mind” are two strong and powerful Hard-Trance-slammer and were released on EDM Progressive in 1998 formerly. Now – as always – in a digitally remastered edition!

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Drehscheibe 005 / 006

Revil O. & Nils Ruzicka teamed up again for a new project on Drehscheibe: Plug ‘n’ Play! Their debut single “Oh Yeah!” has been released in 1996 on Plutonic Rec. formerly – now for the first time in a digitally remastered bundle on Drehscheibe 005. On Drehscheibe 006 we present a side-project by Jens Ebert (Meteor Seven) called “Access vs. Slide”. This 3-tracker is a real acid-bomb and has been released on DMD in 1996 formerly.

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EDM 078 / EDM 079

When two German legends in EDM join, you can be sure, they will produce a real  big one. DJ Taucher joined Mario de Bellis in 1998 to produce “Reach out”, a fine Trance-hymn in the typical end-nineties Trance style, by the way co-produced by the one and only Torsten Stenzel – out now on EDM 078… On EDM 079 we give a very warm welcome to our friends from Genlog. Classics like “Airwalk”, “Ceasefire” and many more will be featured on EDM soon – this week we will start with “Eiskalt”, a 1994 Low Spirit release, featuring massive remixes by RMB, Alien Factory and DJ Hooligan.

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Drehscheibe 003 / 004

This is an original Drehscheibe release from 2001. Various DJs like Paul van Dyk played this one over and over again: Dick van Nille “Outside”. “Stubby” was the B-side, but kicks ass too. Now digitally remastered on Drehscheibe 003. On Drehscheibe 004 we got the first Meteor Seven release in a new style: “Fantasy to Reality” & “Sonar Impulse” hit the floors in 1999 and became one of the biggest tracks. With several remixes by DJ Errik, Sunbeam and Martink this is a big package – now exclusively digital remastered.

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EDM 076 / EDM 077

On EDM 076 DJ Gollum & DJ Yanny teamed up to create a new project with a different style: Killerbounce comes up with “Party 4 U” & “Dirty Circus” in 3 mixes. Now for the first time in an exclusive digital package at your digital download store. A very special package you will get with EDM 077: Gary D.´s “Sunbeam” was released in 1994 on vinyl only while “World Wide Web” & “Monster” were released in 1996 on compilations only. Now you will get this threesome in one bundle!

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