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EDM 060 / EDM 061

DJ Mellow-D got something wonderful here for you: EDM 060 is an exclusive collection of well known tracks by DJ Mellow-D which have been released in other constellations formerly. “Something wonderful”, “Deep inside L.A.” and “Deep Dive” surely will bring warmth to life. EDM 061 comes up with the Masters of Voodoo with their formerly known “Freak E.P.”. This one contain “I don´t need you” and “Got to be freak” in 2 versions. Not to mention that you will get all of these in a digital remastered edition…?!

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EDM 058 / EDM 059

Our heroes of the week are Paraphonatic and Robotnico. On EDM 058 Paraphonatic deliver their second anthem for the Reincarnation in Hannover/Germany. 4 mixes including remixes by Arne LII, Rhythm Assault (Martin Buttrich & Andy Bolleshon) and Riva & The Spaceman will show you this track in all it´s facets. On Friday Robotnico hit us again with his all-time-classic “Backfired”. It was released together with the tracks “Buddy in the jungle” and “Dusk” in 1994 on Frankfurt Beat. In consequence of the big success there were made remixes by several artists like DJ Hooligan, Nalin & Kane, Taucher – just to name a few. For the first time this is the full package of all 22 (!) mixes ever done between 1994 and 2000 in a special digitally released edition – exclusively on EDM!

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EDM 056 / EDM 057

It´s cold outside but here are the tracks that keep you warm. Meteor Seven comes up on EDM 056 with their smasher “Colours in the sky” while Club Disciples deliver their second single “Bodythief / Physically” on EDM 057, originally released on EDM in 1998.

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EDM 054 / EDM 055

Killer-week again! EDM 054 comes up with Star Track´s “Megablast” & “Farpoint” from 1995. On Friday Gary D. strikes again on EDM 055 with his single “Oh ja, bitte!”. This is the complete edition with all 3 mixes including the never digitally released Original Mix from 1993.

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EDM 052 / EDM 053

It´s Cocooma-week! In 1996, Cocooma did so many productions, that EDM was not able to release them all. “Feel my desire” was one of them, but fortunately it was released under another alias – Code-28. Now it´s time for the re-release: EDM 052 comes up with all mixes – the Cocooma Remix, the House Mix and additionally the Cocooma-Radio Remix. EDM 053 is a very special release because the “Cocooma EP” contains 4 never officially released tracks – Cocooma, Close to me, Kasovka & EFX-Mas! All of them are dancefloor-killers in the typical Cocooma-style…

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EDM 050/ EDM 051

Party on! This week´s new releases are off the hook! DJ Mellow-D Comes up on EDM 050 with his trance-smasher “@ Night” in 9 Versions including remixes by Dutch Force, Sunbeam & Meteor Seven. On EDM 051 we welcome “Voodoo Records” with their first release from 1994: Voodoo Posse – Totem Vibes EP including “Adventures in Panic” & “Totem Vibes”. These are also true hardtrance-classics!

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EDM 048 / EDM 049

It´s Frankfurt Beat-week! First, Natural Born ….. comes up with “Death Row”, including a brilliant Sushi Remix on EDM 048. Then, the Robotnico trilogy starts with the “Robotnico 1-EP”: “Brazilian Trancer”, “Machina Nera” & “Ritmo Perverso” on EDM 049.

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EDM 046 / EDM 047

It´s Mayday-week! Back in the days every Mayday-Artist produced an exclusive track for the well known Mayday compilation – this week EDM delivers two of them in their full packages. Meteor Seven starts with “Analogical Elements” on EDM 046, which contains the Mayday-track “Circular Riot” & “Tranquilizer” also. The Hardtrance-milestone “Attention Dimension” by Gary D. comes up on Friday with an additional Remix by Gary D. from 1999.

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