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Drehscheibe 001 / 002

EDM Records will get addition to the EDM-family with our new sublabel Drehscheibe. On Drehscheibe we will release the more Techno- and Progressive-stuff every friday at the download-store of your choice. We will start with a big bang: “Phuture Vibes” by Mellow Trax is without a doubt one of the most successful tracks ever in the history of EDM. With over 200.000 copies sold in Germany only this one made history – now with remixes by Kai Tracid, ATB and Tom Wax. Don´t miss this exclusive package on Drehscheibe 001. On Drehscheibe 002 Mike & Charlie will bring their tune “I get live” now in a full package of 7 mixes including the boombastic remix by Fatboy Slim!

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EDM 074 / EDM 075

On monday, February 3rd, EDM 074 features the debut of Deemind on EDM. This 4-tracker has been released in 1998 on EDM Trance formerly. Now digitally remastered in the download store of your choice. The next debut on EDM will be Tandu with the “Acido E.P.” on EDM 075. “Acido”, part of the E.P., is one of the biggest hardtrance-tracks ever and has been released on Noom Records in 1994 formerly.

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EDM 072 / EDM 073

This week´s releases are real classics as well: Forkman a.k.a. Gary D. & DJ Yanny present their debut on EDM Records. “Fork Power” with it´s inventive watering can sound beneath “Invisible Man” & “Magenkrank” have been originally released on Bonzai Jumps in 1996 – now on EDM 072. Zack, Zack! On EDM 073 Meteor Seven strikes back with the fourth release on EDM so far. “Higher”, “Distance” & “Hope” were the last tracks of the first M7-era – now digitally remastered!

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EDM 070 / EDM 071

DJ Mellow-D presents a real goodie on EDM 070: Hypnotizin´ 2002 was never released, but made it´s way out of the studio now to show you a new version of Mellow´s classic of 1998. On EDM 071 we present a real classic as well: Gary D. & DJ High-Ko teamed up in 1997 to produce “Springworld” with a mindblowing remix-package: Nostrum, Hitch-Hiker & Dumondt, Cocooma, DJ Crack and many more deliver 10 versions of this cool track. This package also contain remixes of 2001 & 2009. This is a special remastered edition!

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EDM 068 / EDM 069

Sanity deliver their debut on EDM 068: “Welcome to Paradise” comes in 2 versions – the Trance Mix and the Hardcore Mix. Choose your favourite! On EDM 069 Robotnico strikes back with his track “Can you feel the beat”. The last one in our Robotnico trilogy comes in 9 versions in a special digitally remastered edition!

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EDM 066 / EDM 067

2014 and we´re going on with the stuff, you´ve been waiting for… DJ Yanny teamed up with The Paragod to deliver their project YP Analyzer presenting “Die Zwangsjacke der Liebe” & “Theme from YP Analyzer”. This is a piece of EDM-history from 1998 on EDM 066. On EDM 067 Gary D. teamed up with Claus Pieper (Genlog) to show us “Die Magie der Toene” via their project Uranus. This 3-tracker contains the Original Mix, a Re-Edit by Claus Pieper and an incredible TTF Remix by Gary D. – don´t miss that one!

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EDM 064 / EDM 065

2013 is nearly over, but we still have one goodie here for you: Mario de Bellis delivers a cool 1-tracker called “Yes”. This techy slammer from 1995 has never been released as a single before – now on EDM 064! Goodbye 2013 and welcome 2014! We will start the new year with a well known EDM-release from 1999: Frontline of Trance a.k.a. Revil O. & Framic got a strong 2-tracker for you called “The Signal” & “Pump it” on EDM 065.

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EDM 062 / EDM 063

What kind of thing that might be?! Gary D. presents his single “Anal Intruder” in 2 versions including a great a³ Remix by Gary & Alexa on EDM 062. Acid basslines and trance strings is a fine combination, isn´t it? On EDM 063 Revil O. presents his great rave-thing “Little Little” and the formerly B-side “Voice of Freedom”. Merry Christmas everybody!

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