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EDM 044 / EDM 045

Once again we got 2 new tunes for you! First, Gary D. & Arne LII teamed up for “D.K. Dent – Traci Lords” – a great track in hardtrance-history. With it´s dark feeling this is a peak-time-slammer of first grade! Our second release this week is the last “Plastic Enemy”-release so far – “No House” & “How to get along” were released back in 1998 on EDM and have also been true legends of hardtrance!

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EDM 042 / EDM 043

Autumn has come, it´s getting colder outside and we got new tunes for you: Gary D. & Mario de Bellis teamed up for their project “Sushi” and their tracks “The House of Hong” & “Osaka Acid” on EDM 042. Two strong hard-trance tracks with Acid influences to make your mind go wild. EDM 043 is coming up with the first single by Club Disciples. This 3-tracker contains their tracks “Un just System” & “Teknicida” in 2 versions, including a remix by Cocooma.

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EDM 040 / EDM 041

Just as usual we bring you another two hot classics this week. EDM 040 is a typical production of DJ Mellow-D under his alias Chris Daniels and “Shockwave” & “Warrior” will fire up your dancefloor. Paraphonatic will come up on EDM 041 with their third EDM-single “Sons of a new Generation”, originally released on Wizard Rec. back in 1996…

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EDM 038 / EDM 039

Killer-week! First, Meteor Seven delivers with “Signs of Life” their debut single from 1994. A great rave-anthem on EDM 038! EDM 039 comes with Nu Love – “Can you feel the Love tonight” & “Agony”, a strong 2-tracker, originally released in 1995 and garnished with a previously unreleased Remix by Gary D. …

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EDM 036 / EDM 037

The same procedure as last week: two great Releases on Monday and Friday… We start with Cocooma´s “District of Power & Another Race” on EDM 036 – typical Cocooma stuff ready to blow your Speakers. EDM 037 on Friday is a big tune in Hardtrance-History as well: Timo Maas & Gary D. teamed up in 1995 and created “Die Herdplatte” with “100°” & “200°”. Welcome to a trip of one hundred degrees…

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Please give a warm welcome to our new partners at RevivalKult! These guys bring you the classics to your speakers. Watch out for future cooperations and listen to it at www.revivalkult.de

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EDM 034 / EDM 035

Whoa! What a week! 2 incredible classics of the Hard-Trance-era in full packages. EDM 034 comes up on Monday with the “Slammin´-EP” by Gary D. – 2 mixes of “Slammin´” beneath “Antagon” and “U.N.I.T.”, the club-hymn of Gary´s first resident-techno-club in Hamburg/Germany – “Hardcore Mental Overdrive” and a real Acid-monster! EDM 035 is one of THE Hard-Trance-hymns of all times – “Seeing is believing” by Ravelab comes up with 8 (!) mixes, including a previously unreleased Live Mix and remixes by Gary D., Digital City and Anatol France. Get it now!

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EDM 032 / EDM 033

It´s DJ Mellow-D-week! EDM 032 comes up today with his first solo-side-project Novaya called “Little Light / Open your mind”, originally released in 1997. On friday his fourth solo-single “Hypnotizin´” makes you dance with a brilliant Nostrum Remix, released first time back in 1998.

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